The Adorno Family, David Sr, Jennifer, David Jr, and Michael

This is why I do what I do!

Without my family I have no reason. And that's a life without hope!

So, simple truth! I do what I do for my family! My wife to be Jennifer, my oldest David Jr, and Michael. They are my world, my love on Earth.
It all started when I left the Seminary in 2005. I was expecting to return to electronics but while I was gone they started to only hire from those with certifications. I had NONE! I am a graduate of Suburban Technical School and back in 1993? A certificate of completion in Advanced Electronics was all you needed.

Truth be told in hindsight? I couldn't expect to just return to electronics. I had give up things, people, and a career to answer a call to service to The Body of Christ. There was no going back, only forward!

So forward I went. While at my last electronics job I met Jennifer. It was a short time before I realized she was The One, and as our relationship got "serious" we decided to start a family. GAME ON!!! My father was known to be a provider, I could do no less.... That in the long run led me to become a customer service representative for the Internal Revenue Service, 2010 until 2018. Nine years and eight tax seasons I learned to deal with a customer in a professional manner.

My WHY wouldn't allow me to settle. I wanted a home for my family. I ALWAYS lived in a house. Why shouldn't mine?

The problem was the seasonal position I held. I could be guaranteed to be on unemployment for several months during the year. Typically, it would be in December and I usually would not be receiving a paycheck until after Christmas. Good times with two young boys, eyes all a glow on Christmas Eve.

The plan was this. I wasn't going to be able to apply for unemployment. I was going to find a way to make MORE $420 a week. I wanted the $750 I was making during tax season! Yeah. That's right only $750 a week and it was a decent living for my means. The problem? It took me eight or nine years to get there.

I want to say it was about 2017 when I found the Facebook Group, Sales Talk with Sales Pros. That was when I entertained finding a mentor to teach me sales and in April 2018 I joined Ryan Stewman's Apex Entourage program. I was not only learning sales from a true master salesman but I was learning how to generate a social media business as well.

I had found it! They called it a side hustle! A way to breakfree from a 9 to 5 existence to sales entrepreneurship. I started with David Adorno Sales since I am also a funnel closer. Then later I started Cocina Moda Ads.

It wasn't long after that that I noticed what my family NEEDED me to do. I had fallen in love with sales as a business and I just needed MORE! I NEEDED to work full time in sales.

This is where the fun began!
It was understandable in a certain point of view. See? My in-laws heard I was planning to leave a government job and just LOST IT! What they could not understand was that was the drive I have. I saw a problem and KNEW I was the only solution. But a check to check situation is no place for family drama. The long story short? I was not ready to move on a moments notice and with rent paid out a month and a half my family lost our home.

That's right. I am here building a business while in a shelter until I can get back out into the world again. And if my family needs me to I'll even work minimum wage again.
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