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Has your job been effected by COVID 19? Are you looking for an opportunity during the shut in?

As much as I hate to
admit it?

The COVID 19 "Stay in" is the perfect environment
to show how powerful
Social Media is and can be!

Now, please don't get me wrong. At this writing there are over 5000 COVID related deaths in New York State, mostly in NYC. About 45 minutes from me right now.
The loss of life is incredible!

But a recurring thought in my head? I can help SO many people that are just stuck in their homes with nothing more than their phone, laptop, or PC.

AND Who can I help the most? The restaurant worker. Waiters, waitress, support staff like busboy, bar backs, and dishwashers. You are a dream to a sales organization! Why? Because you're hungry! You make a living on tips and maybe $5 per hour.

Really, I can help anyone who wants to get out of The 9 to 5 and take their dreams to the next level. And all of this through Social Media.

The New Landscape
It used to be that you needed LOADS of money to advertise your business. You would get 1/4 page ad in The Pennysaver for around $200. You'd mark off that you want it in this county, this city, this town. Today $200 would get you in front of thousands if not 10's of thousands of people DAILY!

You want to get your information in front of those who will respond to it best! And that is a Social Media Ad.

You used to be able to only have TV, Radio, and Print Ads. Now you can use video, audio, or print! You can use paid ads or an organic technique. ALL your customers are on
Social Media!*blogdavideadorno_png*png?alt=media&token=52ec8e8d-7e1e-49ae-8e65-6492172ff1de

If you want something you need to make a record!

You need to write it down!*blog04242020%201_png*png?alt=media&token=720f374d-7914-4a19-9ac5-c80b0c4f3577*blog04242020%202_png*png?alt=media&token=fb9dae0e-f95c-4f35-bcc0-0f32db35cdc9

I take some time every month and put thought to paper. I also go through some sites and find images that correspond and add them to a dream board on Pinterist. This is how you intend your desires.

How do you focus your actions, plan your actions without recording it somehow?

Write it down! Ask and you will find, seek and the way will be made clear, knock and the door shall be opened. Use your words!*Kings*png?alt=media&token=d4b9aa94-30b8-405b-9002-832ad7cf0bbb

Live your life like a Wizard!

Be a KING and build your Camealot!

30 July 2020
In my early 20s I read a book by Deepak Chopra, The Way of the Wizard. In it he basically broke down how the wizard Merlin thought. His philosophy. The one thing that has stuck with me ever since was how he explained how Merlin lived backward in time. And if you think about it he was talking about vision, intending the world around you.

Merlin, though a wizard, was an ordinary man. He had a beginning and an end. But he had a vision that was powerful because of his understanding. See something and walk towards it. He would Invision a how something should be and he would take the necessary required actions to bring it to pass.

But is this some wizards trick? Something you would need arcane powers to accomplish? Mr. Chopra didn't think so and neither do I. You see? In Camelot and King Arthur's legend we have a symbol of the power of being united. How working together we can bring about something quite remarkable that has with stood the test of time.

Who doesn't know of the sword in the stone and the kingdom that came when a boy pulled it free and formed a team.

What boy doesn't run around their backyard with a stick slaying dragons and being a 'Man of the Roundtable'?

What girl doesn't pretend to be the beautiful Queen?

These events took place so long ago we have no real proof. Only stories of the valiant knights seeking to bring peace and justice to a brutal land.

But there was no power in play here other than the power of mindset. Merlin saw Camelot and took the steps a wizard needed to take. From casting the spell on Pendragon to walking the path with Arthur and his knights as Arthur unified his kingdom. Arthur, told these stories from birth, took up Excalibur and took the steps a king needed to take to bring Camelot to pass as well. They had the mindset to grow and follow the path before them.

How true is this with business? And each of our businesses are like a Camelot of our own. A golden city filled with the hope of prosperity. A place to raise a family in safety. A place of dreams.

And dreams they may be, the magic of the place is that they can become real. We can literally will them into existence. We can set them as intentions. Not to be fulfilled by arcane rites. But, by faith, by belief in oneself, by the actions of will.

So I will give it to you the definition I learned from Setema Gali himself. Commitment! Is the choice of something. Say to start a business. If you are committed to starting a business you will do what needs to be done no matter the costs, no matter how you feel about what needs to be done, no matter what others may say about your idea, your plans, or your actions, no matter the results as you move forward.

See? The game of business, much like building a kingdom, changes. What if during Arthur's conquest there was an invasion? Would he quit on Camelot? Or would he piviot, deal with the Invaders with the alis he had and THEN return to his quest of a unified Britain? THAT is probably the most important part of building a business. The piviot.

We have probably heard it said. If you want to make God laugh, make a plan. See? All plans are great. As long as you know when to hit pause. Another kingdom invading your lands? Yeah, time to pause, deal with the imminent treat and them return to the plan at hand with ALL the necessary adjustments to the plan.

So keep in mind. In business you need a never quit attitude. I can I will. I MUST! Never surrender, show no quarter. Get the job done.

Make the most of the opportunity presented. Do you think the valor shown fighting the Invaders was not mentioned to the next Lord approached? How the allied knights came together under Arthur's banner and did horrible things to the enemy. How they valiently won the day. And do you think they mentioned how much better things went under King Arthur's rule?
So be the KING of your dominion. Conquer it, subdue it, show dominion, and be fruitful! But be ready to accept change along the way. Be ready to piviot and address something new on the field. Be ready to incorporate the results into your original plan.

So have the mindset that focuses on your dreams. Allow your dreams to manifest. Allow your mind to build your perfect world and take the necessary required actions to make them real!
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